What are PACE offerings for a company to support its recruitment activity?

PACE allows companies to conduct 100% Internet based robust solution for fair and efficient evaluation of prospective hires. It offers greater control for companies in doing their selection and enables them to reach out to a distributed agglomeration of talent pools, thereby leading to recruitment of the best quality hire with minimum of efforts and time spent.

For immediate hiring needs, companies can access performance record of recently conducted tests and fulfill their hiring requirements quickly and without any administrative hassle and the need of an additional assessment.


Do you help in generating the candidate pool?

PACE provides total support in conducting any evaluation. Through our HR expertise and PAN-India reachability, we will generate interested participants as per the Job requirement. Companies just need to finalize the questions that they want to put in the exam, which can also be done by us if needed. We manage the entire test process and depending on the IT infrastructure available at various places we accommodate the required number of candidates.


What level of experience of candidates can be examined using PACE?

Online examination through PACE can be used for entry level as well as for lateral candidates.


Do you have standard assessments or can we customize the assessments?

We advise using customized tests for various hiring needs. Since different companies have different expectations and require varying skills-sets, we believe that conducting customized tests addressing personal evaluation criteria is the best approach. 3rd party assessments might not be exhaustive of one's needs and might lead to skills-gap in new hires leading to further costs due to training or non-performance.


How are the questions designed?

PACE will provide a back-end through which questions papers can be easily created with a click of a button. Also, Companies can create individual tests from their propriety question bank, which can be easily uploaded into our system. Besides, such efforts can be delegated to us as well where our in-house team of subject experts can create appropriate test content as per the job profile, ensuring that the competencies needed for a candidate to perform well in the job are mapped properly. Once the questions are received, thorough Quality checks are conducted on the questions to ensure that the final delivery to the candidates happens flawlessly.


Will the same questions be used in all tests?

Not necessarily. PACE provides sufficient flexibility in test creation and efficient randomization of questions to ensure sufficient mutual exclusive and non-overlapping tests can be easily created.


Can questions with varying levels of difficulty be created?

PACE system is flexible enough for inclusion of questions of different levels of complexity. Each question can carry different marks and weightage. Companies can decide as they wish. Detailed analytics of actual data of usage will allow for appropriate appraisal of the difficulty level.


How is the cut-off levels and duration of the tests specified?

Companies can decide upon the cut-off and duration of their exam. We recommend cut-off and time restrictions on a sectional level as it is a better judge of any candidate's all-round potential by ensuring that one is able to perform at least at the threshold level for all sections.


Can questions have negative marking?

It is totally a choice by the company. The benefit of keeping negative marking is that it discourages random guessing and allows for measuring accuracy levels. One of the drawbacks of using negative marking is that it skews the test distribution. PACE supports technologically to conveniently include it based on the choice of the client.


Which types of tests are supported by PACE?

PACE is a comprehensive examination system and supports all types of knowledge and skill based tests across all domains covering all technical, management, general graduation and diploma related domains. The system is the most flexible available and allows assessing students as per the discretion of the company, providing the necessary tools for them to be able to conveniently conduct any exam of choice.


Do you also provide manpower support for conducting these exams?

Yes, we have a pan India team of which ensures that all exams are conducted in the smooth and fair manner. We provide total support in order to ensure that our clients conduct the entire process without encumbering themselves. We provide supervision, invigilation, technical and post-exam support during the test.


How are exams conducted?

PACE uses an Internet based model for delivering assessments. The exam engine is scalable to support more than 10,000 concurrent users and can be deployed anywhere immediately. The engine is lightweight requiring only a browser and an Internet connection. No additional software installation is required.


Is the system susceptible to exigencies like electricity cut, Internet failure, cheating etc. during the test?

The test engine of PACE is quite robust and ensures that any ongoing exam does not get hampered due to uncontrollable factors such as power or Internet failure. All candidate responses are auto-saved at each click or 30 seconds (whichever is earlier) and hence ensure that no response is lost due to Internet or power outage. Internet is required only at the time of submitting the final answer sheet and hence intermittent Internet outages do not impact candidate experience. If power disconnects, the test starts at the same place to ensure fairness to the candidate.


Can candidates be assessed on niche technical/domain subjects?

PACE has an entirely flexible test engine that allows companies to evaluate candidates on programming and design skills, knowledge of particular software/tools for all domains. We ensure the availability of underlying IT infrastructure for companies to assess candidates the way they want.


How is the post-exam process handled?

As soon as the test is complete, the hiring company can immediately view the scores of all candidates who appeared in the exam. There is zero delay in test completion and score download. Before doing the final shortlist of candidates, company can view detailed candidate profiles (CV, certifications etc.) before making a decision on conducting further interview rounds. All notifications can be sent to shortlisted candidates from our backend itself. Detailed exam-based analytics report is also provided.

What does PACE offers?

PACE provides an opportunity to students to appear in recruitment exams conducted by our corporate clients as part of their lateral and entry-level hiring. Upon doing a valid registration, candidates will then be able to view the schedules of different exams and the associated job profile. Candidates can then subscribe to any particular exams as per their interests and career ambition.


Is it important to first register on PACE?

In order to appear for an exam, the students should first register on our website. Only after a valid registration, they will be able to view the schedules of upcoming exams of different companies. They can then subscribe to any particular exam as a separate process by paying online. All details about the exam and the position of hire will be provided along with the exam schedule.


Till when can I subscribe for an exam?

Individuals can register for an exam up to 12 hours before the actual schedule of the exam. Post its expiration no further subscription is allowed. Having this time allows the PACE team tp scrutinize candidates appearing for an exam before giving them a final go to proceed with the exam to which they have subscribed.


Can I subscribe for multiple qualifying exams?

The PACE system allows students to subscribe for any number of exams. Each appearance has to be individually subscribed.


Can I reschedule any exam?

No. Upon subscription to any exam and future inability to attend, shall lead to a mark of absenteeism for that particular exam. No refund and reschedule is supported.


What happens if I am absent from an exam?

We strongly discourage staying absent from any exam. For the sake of seriousness, individuals can be absent for a maximum of three exams upon subscription. Upon failure to comply with this, the PACE system will not allow the user to participate in any exam for a period of three months starting from the date of his/her 3rd absenteeism.


Can I be disqualified from a qualifying exam?

Resorting to any unfair practices will lead to disqualification from the exam. The PACE system tracks answering patterns of all individuals taking the exam and reserves the right to block those who are not obeying our instructions. Students who are blocked from any exam are not entitled to any refunds. Please read our instructions properly and clearly understand the restrictions we have imposed in order to eliminate cheating and unfair practices.


Can I subscribe for multiple qualifying exams?

The pace system allows students to subscribe for any number of exams. Each appearance has to be individually subscribed.