PACE is the talent acquisition automation platform that allows corporate to evaluate and hire candidates for their entry level and lateral hiring needs. The platform allows any corporate to conduct online qualifying exams, evaluate and shortlist competent individuals and manage interviews with a click of button in matter of seconds. It is mainly a talent-matching platform and corporate retain 100% control on their hiring process.

PACE can lead to significant cost savings for companies. It reduces the workload on the Talent Acquisition team significantly by allowing them to benefit from the ever-increasing penetration of Internet all across the country and other infrastructural improvements. There is no need to carry loads of question papers all around, deal with the logistical challenges of conducting a paper based test, spend hours in checking the answer scripts, entering results and other data into various MIS, track results and follow-ups.

PACE provides customized automatic digitization of the entire test process. Corporate have the flexibility to design question papers the way they want. Apart from judging students on their theoretical understanding, aptitude and behavioral fit; the system is scalable enough to evaluate students intensively on their practical understanding of concepts and tools, which is very important for productivity during the course of their professional journey. The time spent on annual audits are significantly reduced through the PACE automation system while concurrently improving its level of correctness.

The PACE system is technically robust to take care of any form of plagiarism. The technical design of the platform is intelligent enough to detect any malpractices during the exam and immediately block candidates resorting to unfair means.


PACE is a robust platform that automates hiring in the most adaptive, distributed and fair manner while achieving tremendous savings of cost and time for any corporate.

  • PAN India reach of talent
  • Measure all forms of competency
  • Automatic exam digitization
  • Reduced workload on HR team
  • Conduct Interviews to-hire
  • Reduction in audit needs
  • Fully customized evaluation
  • Automated and detailed analytics