PACE supports both knowledge and skill based evaluation across all job profiles. Candidates have the opportunity to appear for entry level as well as lateral hiring conducted by our Client Companies. PACE provides first level of filtering and agglomeration.

PACE provides the best platform for prospective job seekers to express their suitability in front of hiring companies by appearing in their customized qualifying exam. PACE solves the localization problem by ensuring that every student in any corner of India gets an equal opportunity to build a career. Candidates need not travel to 'job hubs' just for the sake of job hunting. Through PACE, they can save on avoidable stay and travel expenses.

Candidates also have the opportunity to appear in PACE-EMPLOYABILITY tests, in which they are assessed across range of skills like aptitude, technical, personality, coding, domain etc. The assessment is then used by corporate across India for their urgent/just-in-time hiring. Having the opportunity for 'Continuous Evaluation' helps students measure and increase employability step by step.


PACE is a unique platform that offers access to seek placement opportunities to candidates in companies of their choice irrespective of their current location.

  • Location Independent Evaluation
  • Equal Access to Opportunities
  • Centralized Evaluation
  • Cost savings in stay and travel
  • Avoid Frustration of Job hunting
  • Reduction in human errors
  • Immediate performance results
  • Automated and detailed analytics

Open Positions

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